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Man's natural reaction to God's word is rejection. So long as one is controlled by this natural reaction, God's purpose and will for our lives is severely limited. He does not force His will upon us.

God's word, whether delivered by the prophets or by the Word in person, Jesus (Yeshua), was rarely understood or popular at the time it was delivered. The same is true today. People tend to gravitate to teaching which is easy on the ear and doesn't require one to look in the mirror.

So where can one go to find teaching that can be trusted? No matter where one goes, his or her "truth antennae" need to be fully extended. In this age of so much knowledge, confusion is a real problem. Why? Perhaps it is an incomplete understanding of God's word because of our natural rejection of it. How does one overcome? Ask for what is true and then seek it with all our hearts. God will not fail to respond.

Our search has led us to seek out the Hebrew Roots of Christianity. Are we missing out on understanding what God wants for us and what He wants us to know because of not understanding the language and culture in the day that Jesus walked the streets of Jerusalem?

For instance, the word "Torah" is translated as "Law" in our Bibles. "Torah" actually has several meanings. "Torah" in Hebrew means 'teaching', i.e., instruction; the Hebrew word also refers to the five books of Moses -- Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy.

Many Christian teachers today teach that Christ was the end of the Law (Torah). Is that true? If so, do we rip out the first five books of the Bible and perhaps Psalm 119?

Abraham kept the commandments (Genesis 26:5); Jesus kept the commandments (John 15:10); and, Paul kept the commandments. (Acts 24:14) Jesus said he didn't come to abolish the Law and not a letter would pass from the Law until all is fulfilled. (Matthew 5:17)

Is there a contradiction in God's word? Or, perhaps just a misunderstanding. The more we seek, the more we learn!

If you would like to learn more, here are some links to teachers with resources we have found helpful.

The first ministry we would like to introduce you to is 119 Ministries or testeverything.net!

Here is one of their short video teachings that we hope you enjoy. You can find many more on their website.

Divided by Truth or United in Error? (14 min) from 119 Ministries on Vimeo.

119 Ministries
P.O. Box 376
Troy, IL 62294
Phone: 618-980-9407
Email: info@119ministries.com

Brad Scott - Wild Branch Ministries

WildBranch Min.
... thou bearest not the root, but the root thee.--Romans 11:18

Words mean things! Brad is a teacher of Hebrew, including the language, culture, and Torah. A great teacher, easy to understand and fun to watch! He is a regular Hebraic Roots TV Network programmer.

Bill Cloud - Shoreshim Ministries


A regular programmer on Hebraic Roots TV Network, you will find his teaching filled with Biblical truth. Check out this link to his teachings on HRN where you will find many interesting and educational videos!

Keith Johnson and Nehemia Gordon

"A Prayer to Our Father" - Hebrew origins of The Lord's Prayer

A Prayer to Our Father is the exciting journey of faith of a Jewish Bible scholar and an African American pastor who join forces to uncover the truth about the most beloved prayer in the Christian world.

Keith Johnson has also written a book called, His Hallowed Name Revealed Again.

"Therefore my people shall know my name; therefore in that day I am the One who is speaking, ‘Here I am’." -- Isaiah 52:6

Our Father's name is not "God" or "the Lord"...those are titles! He has a name that He revealed in the Hebrew scriptures and it has been hidden for centuries. Check it out at HisHallowedName.com

Rico Cortes - Wisdom in Torah Ministries

Rico is a regular programmer on GLC and an avid "teacher of Torah"...he loves teaching about the meanings behind all the Hebrew Feasts of the Lord as well as Temple Worship and the Law (Torah) and the Prophets! What are the meanings of the feasts which God says are His feasts?

“Speak to the children of Israel, and say to them: ‘The feasts of the LORD, which you shall proclaim to be holy convocations, these are My feasts. --Leviticus 23:1

Tony Robinson - The Restoration of Torah

Tony teaches "Thematic Analysis of Scripture"... teaching scripture by seeing the themes and how they overlap and reveal messianic prophecy. If you want to jump into an exciting new (well, it's not really new) technique of Bible study, check out his website!




It is so important to us that we get the word out regarding the contents of this book, we are giving away the book in a free download in PDF format.

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